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How to Grow Salvia Divinorum

Growing Salvia the Right Way

If legal in your state, growing and cultivating salvia is a great way to have a fresh, organic supply of the herb available at all times. Plus, you’ll save money by having your own plants. Growing salvia is easy for some but can be a little more difficult if you have no prior gardening experience. Even with no experience, however, you can learn how to grow salvia right at home. Before you can learn how to grow Salvia divinorum, you must decide if you’ll be using seeds, seedlings or full-grown plants.

How to Grow Salvia Divinorum

To begin growing Salvia divinorum, you’ll need a pot large enough to provide ample cutting room without having to repot frequently. Place gravel in the bottom of the pot for proper drainage. Next, use organic, high-quality compost to fill the pot. If you’re using a seed, plant your seed at the appropriate depth. If you’re using a seedling or full-grown plant, leave the roots in water for a couple of hours prior to planting. Then, dig a small hole, and bury the roots and water the plant well.

When growing Salvia divinorum, maintain a humid environment to promote optimal growth. You’ll want to place the plant where it will receive indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight will hurt the plant’s growth.

If you notice your plant is growing too slowly, increase the amount of light it receives. If you notice the leaves are turning down, the conditions aren’t appropriate for your plant. If the plant’s leaves are yellow, it needs more sunlight. If your plant isn’t growing the way it should, you’ll need to figure out what component needs adjusting for a healthy salvia plant.

Tips for Growing Salvia

You can simplify the salvia growing process with a few things, such as automatic watering systems. By using a low-maintenance automatic watering system, your plant will always have enough water. Also, to keep your plant from growing too tall, cut the tip of each branch off to allow the plant to grow outward and not upward. After your plant has reached its desired height, cut the top from the main stem to keep the plant from growing further upward.

It’s not difficult to learn how to grow salvia divinorum even without prior gardening experience. By growing salvia divinorum, you’ll have a fresh supply of the herb on hand at all times. Plus, you can rest easy knowing it was grown organically. As each state has different laws and regulations concerning the possession and cultivation of salvia, do your research on the legal ramifications beforehand.

If you are unable or unwilling to grow your own, you can also buy salvia from our website.